Joy Nutritionals is a fun and exciting new company! 

The company founders, Kevin, Dr. Suk, Tony and Scott, have a big vision for creating next generation nutritional products that leverage the latest and greatest in science and innovation.  As a new company, we are free to push the boundaries and offer products that nobody else does. 

When we all successfully left the corporate world, we decided that we wanted to do something fun and different. We wanted to offer truly exceptional products that offer tremendous value – our products will be super affordable!  Joy Nutritionals products and support will offer benefits, innovation and convenience that our competitors cannot.

As well as being co-founders, we are all long-time friends.  We have all the necessary experience; senior management positions at Fortune 40 Companies and consumer packaged goods companies, nutritional product formulation, marketing and distribution, information technology, science, supply chain and finance.  But more than that, we have friendship and the desire to build a company that connects with its customers.

Thank you for putting your confidence in Joy Nutritionals,
Kevin, Dr. Suk, Tony and Scott

Hangover - Over

We have so many plans.

As we created a product roadmap, we had so many ideas – a system of products to help you lose weight and maintain lean muscle mass, and an exciting new sports energy drink just to name a few.  As we were meeting to discuss all the opportunities, we would occasionally have a couple of alcoholic beverages.  The day following one of our more enthusiastic “meetings”, one of us said, “can’t we just come up with something to help my hangover”?  With that simple question came the inspiration for Hangover-Over.  Dr. Suk, never one to back away from a challenge, got to work and the next thing you know, we all were testing samples 😊. 

Not surprisingly, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback immediately.  While the product doesn’t stop you from getting drunk and can’t eliminate all of your hangover, testers reported feeling so much better the next day – and our first product was born!!!  We are so excited for you to try Hangover – Over and yes – at a great price!!!